Luciano Lucero is a global commercial leader for Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers. He experienced more than 20 years in 30 countries from America to Asia with turn-key project development, business development, sales and team management. With a Bachelor degree in Agronomy, specializations in Business Adm and Agribusiness, holding CCA (Certified Crop Adviser), 4R NMS (Nutrient Management Specialist under 4R Stewardship) and PASp (Precision Agriculture Specialist) certifications from American Society of Agronomy, he delivers customized technical and commercial support to your needs taking in consideration the best solutions for your business. Luciano owns 24 acres citrus farm and a is adding 7 acres Bamboo farm to his efforts on developing customized nutrition programs in Florida through Tactix Ag and the TX Program.


Membership Type – Grower
Term Ends – 2024
Company – Tactix Ag, LLC

Phone – 941-725-2561