About Us


Our Commitment To Our Growers

The FBGA is an independent association of bamboo growers, allied organizations and researchers in Florida. We have a Vision of how to help the bamboo farming industry grow to be healthy, competitive and successful.

bamboo leaves


What We Want to Accomplish

Good at
Growing Bamboo

We want to be really good at growing bamboo. That means we want to understand the plants, know their needs and help them grow fast. When we compare ourselves with Asian growers and their statistics we want to be better. We want to dial into what it takes to maximize production.

Great Plants

We want to see the tissue culture world develop good plants and for the varieties we need to meet the markets’ interest.


We want to share what we experience and what we learn. The point of this is not to diminish competition, rather to learn some things together from our common experience. This can be crop estimates, harvesting statistics, research, progress in plantings and the opportunity to know who is in the industry so we can network.

For Bamboo

When we have crops to market we want buyers and brands banging on our doors to buy it. We want it known that we are the place for commercial bamboo farming in the US.


We want the same risk management tools for our crops that are available to the rest of agriculture – like crop insurance and disaster relief.

To Be

We want to build this new ag industry to be healthy, competitive and successful.

row of bamboo crops

Why Us?

The FBGA has a Vision of how to help the bamboo farming industry grow to be healthy, competitive, and successful.